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At Aroma-Chic Cleaning, we work with you to create a cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting plan that fits your unique needs.


We offer a wide array of cleaning and sanitization solutions and prices. No matter how big or small the job, we can create the perfect plan for your home or business.


Ready, Set, Sparkle!


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Satisfied Customers


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Experienced Cleaners

A professional Team of qualified, task-specialized Aroma-Chic employees are trained and meet the industry standards.

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Customized Schedules

Contact our office to create and customize your schedules.

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Advanced Products

Utilizing the best, most efficient, eco-friendly products and equipment the market has to offer. We are always researching, and moving toward cleaner, greener, eco-efficient services.

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Extra Care Hygiene

All Aroma-Chic Teams are masked, gloved and shoe covered at all cleanings (COVID-Kits). We follow the U.S. CDC Guidelies.


"I used Aroma-Chic for the first time and they were amazing! I have a newborn and three dogs and it was so nice to have them come out and clean my home. It gave me peace of mind in such a crazy time in my life. The owner was so wonderful and the appointment setting was a breeze. Her employee was great- my family and I enjoyed having her and will request her again! We can wait to continue to use your services- thank you SO much!"

Shana M (Yelp review)

"I have used the Aroma-Chic team extensively over the past ten years. They are absolutely awesome."

DTJ (Facebook Review)

"I was so blessed to meet the owner of this cleaning company and after a bad experience with a different cleaning company, I decided to call Aroma-Chic and try them out. So glad I did! This company stays true to their desire to use only clean, natural, non-toxic products and that is very important to me as I have auto-immunes issues that cause me to be sensitive to many products. They are willing to work with my steam mop, etc.  I had zero issues (no headaches, etc) upon walking into my pristine home. I am so thankful I found a company that is committed and honest with what they use, that doesn’t harm me or my family! I will be using them monthly. Thx Aroma-Chic!"

Ren M. (Yelp review)

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